Friday, July 31, 2009

Thing #3

Well, I've got the blog set up and I made an avatar (actually I made 3 :)). That could get to be really addictive. Of course I didn't read all the directions thoroughly and ended up wasting a lot of time trying to get the HTML to work. Teachers never do what they expect of their students. So far this is fun. Let's see if I can get everything done in 10 1/2 days!

Thing #2

I'm a bit behind in getting into this game. Well, better late than never....

It's so strange to have to comment on life-long learning. This is something that is so much a part of my life and my job that I don't really think about it much. Of course, I think that might have become somewhat of a problem. I've taken Covey training before and I wholeheartedly agree with almost everything I learned there, but do I necessarily implement it successfully in my life? Not so much. There are so many reasons not to be organized about learning and growth- two kids with schedules that rival the president's, two working adults, a demanding job that can take all of the time I have and want more, etc. It's the same old story.

Well, enough kvetching. I find the hardest of the 7 1/2 habits for me currently are #1 and #7 1/2. Setting goals is so important, but I find that I set too many, or let other people's goals FOR me interfere with my goals for myself, or I go off on tangents and don't seem to get anywhere. The last habit- play- is difficult because to me it means taking some time to sit back and just be in the middle of the new learning- whether its reading a book into the wee hours of the morning because you can't put it down, or poking around on the computer playing with a new technology. It's hard to justify the time.

The easiest habits for me are having confidence in my learning abilities and viewing problems as challenges. Now if I can just force myself to take the time to play with these new challenges....