Monday, August 3, 2009

Thing #11

I really like LibraryThing. I started putting in books I read this summer, including Bluebonnet nominees. I can write a review so that when I go back later it's easier to remember what I thought of that particular book. I appreciate the fact that there is a category for "read but unowned" since I get a lot of my books from the library. I've also already told my library aide and my husband about it, because I think they would both really like the discussion groups and book suggestions.

I looked at the groups. The discussion threads under the Librarian group look really interesting. I could spend a lot of time there. I'm going to have to figure out some way to manage all this information. There's so much of it.

What are the possibilities for students here? If students created accounts, teachers or I could set up discussion groups for them. Can these be made private? You could also invite students from other schools and set up some distance learning opportunities. Maybe I will explore this with my after school book club or a group of Bluebonnet readers.

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  1. I really liked your idea to include book award nominees on LibraryThing. I work in a high school and can see the students really using this. They can read reviews and write their comments. Thanks!