Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thing #21

Well, now I have my first project for the gifted 3rd and 4th graders planned. They are going to choose one of this year's Bluebonnet nominees to read, create a Photostory book talk, and review the book in our library's LibraryThing list, which will link to a bookshelf on our website. Here is my book talk for one of the nominees.

That was fun and easy! I know the kids will love it.

The one question I had was how am I supposed to credit the Flickr Creative Commons photos? I didn't see a format on Flickr, so I gave attribution on the PhotoStory slides, but I would like to have a model to follow.


  1. Nice project Denise. I always look forward to the Bluebonnet books. My class read the Thing about Georgie which was great. What kind of microphone did you use to create the project. My sound was not as clear as yours and I want to get microphones for my class. Did you use the type with headphones and a microphone next to your mouth? Great job with the project. You are almost finished yeah!!!


  2. I used my netbook, which has a built in microphone, and I did the recording in the bedroom with my door closed :). At school, we have some headphones with attached microphones that I will probably use. You can get them for $20 or less. Thanks for the comments :).