Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thing #5

I poked around in the libraries section on Flickr. It's interesting how many libraries want to post pictures of themselves and invite others to post their pictures of the library. I searched elementary library to see what I could find there, and got lots of pictures from librarians of the things they are doing at their libraries. This will be a great place for me to look for ideas to jazz up my program. I am so not good at decoration and making things cute. I found this picture of some shelving displays that I may try to replicate. Once I get back onto my campus, I need to check and see if Flickr makes it through the Alief firewall (it's pretty tight!). If so, this may be a good place to send teachers who want pictures for classroom and student use. I'll have to inservice them on the Creative Commons copyright levels when I do my regular copyright talk in the fall.

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