Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thing #6

I'm really enjoying checking out some of the mashup apps. I created a "motivational poster" from the Big Huge Labs site and added it to my blog. My principal will love this to make posters for the school. I also went poking around on some other mashup apps I found on the web. There is a site called BookTour that tracks author visits and events in the US ( It has a kids genre area, but right now there aren't many authors listed. If this caught on, though, I can see using it a lot. You can sign up for email alerts about particular authors in your area, or RSS feeds based on certain criteria. Sounds cool! I found it on , which also had a bunch of other map-based mashups, including one where you can create travel journals for your blog with maps, pictures and words, and another that shows you all the fast food restaurants in a given area (don't think I'll be using that one :)). All in all, lots of cool stuff I never knew existed.

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