Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thing #9

I found the Edublog award winners site the most helpful. I added 2 more librarian blogs to my reader, and found a website that compiles children's literature blogs and other information that looks great- . The award winner's site was exactly what I needed- just a few options that matched very closely with what I was looking for.

I found Google blog search to be quite unhelpful. It apparently searches keywords in any blog post, and therefore returned vastly more hits than I wanted to slog through, and they were only tangentially related to what I wanted (much like standard Google searching itself :)).

The two feeds I added were Hey Jude and Cathy Nelson's Professional Thoughts, both blogs by librarians on topics of interest to me.

I cannot figure out how the little RSS icons work though. I want my feeds to go to my Google Reader, but when I click on the RSS icons, it tries to put the feed into a folder on my local hard drive. I have just been copying and pasting the URL into Google Reader, which seems to work, but I don't get what I'm supposed to do with the icons.

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