Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thing #7

Good Lord, there are a lot of Google gadgets! I didn't even look at all of them. I already have an iGoogle page, andI have added a couple of things to it while working on this course. I wanted to have access to some of the cool sites we are working on, so I added bookmarks so I can access them anywhere, not just on one computer. I also wanted a place to record some of the good ideas I have seen on other people's blogs that I want to try, so I added a To Do list (could have also used one of the sticky note gadgets). Other things I may try include the calendar (so my husband and I can see the family schedule from home and work). All of this stuff is personal, not necessarily school related. I know there are several things I am going to show teachers this year, but our students do not have individual log ins at school, so I don't see them setting up iGoogle pages. I'm also not really clear on the public vs. private parts of iGoogle. Should probably find that out before I put too much on my page. At TLA this year I went to a workshop about using some of these Google gadgets, but hadn't done anything about it until now. I need to pull out those notes and see how everything fits together.


  1. Your first sentence cracked me up...I was thinking almost the exact thing when I got into the igoogle stuff. Have you discovered the cool Google docs area? I thought the gadgets made my head swim, but the number of things you can do with the Documents? Whoa!

  2. I haven't really explored Google Docs, but it's on my list.... Although, did you hear about the Sprint (I think it was Sprint) data cloud that crashed, and lots of people lost lots of stuff. Very scary!