Friday, August 7, 2009

Thing #20

Here are a couple of my favorites from YouTube and TeacherTube:

Our tech specialist showed this video from TeacherTube to teachers this spring. It made a big impact- the statistics are startling and show what a vital job we have and how important it is to focus on the 21st century learner, not the 20th century teachers that most of us are.

Other videos I liked from TeacherTube included a student-made video based on the poem Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost. I thought this was a great example of using this media for a higher order project, turning poetic metaphor into concrete images. The student created a visual representation of the story arc of the poem. I want to share this with my school's Language Arts specialists.

Just for fun, I liked A Pumpkin Carves Itself from TeacherTube.

I was not expecting to find as much "educationally relevant" stuff on YouTube (preconceived notions :)), but was pleasantly surprised. I found this lovely video about the impact of a library on a young girl's life- Thank You Note . You really should watch it. I'm sorry I couldn't embed it- apparently the author denied this permission. I know we can't access YouTube from school, but now I'm wondering if I find good stuff there, can I add it to TeacherTube (with author's permission), which we can get at school?

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